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> Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology

An Introduction


Lance Workman, University of South Wales, Will Reader, Sheffield Hallam University


While evolutionary psychology is a fascinating science, it is also often misunderstood. In this highly acclaimed undergraduate textbook, Workman and Reader assume no prior knowledge of evolution and instead carefully guide students towards a level of understanding where they can critically apply evolutionary theory to psychological explanation. The authors provide an engaging and balanced discussion of evolutionary psychology without committing to a specific school of thought, and organise chapters around topics familiar to psychology students. Retaining the successful structure and…

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Key features

  • Now in full colour, with revised figures and new photographs
  • Specifically aimed at undergraduate psychology students, assuming no prior knowledge of evolutionary theory and biology
  • Includes new material on homosexuality, grandparental investment and developments in neuroscience and epigenetics
  • Retains the bold key terms, chapter summaries, further reading lists, and glossary of previous editions, but with additional discussion questions and revised case studies
  • Supported by lecture slides for each chapter, and an online testbank of almost 300 multiple-choice questions, with solutions provided for instructors

About the book

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