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> Public International Law

Public International Law


Edited by Emily Crawford, University of Sydney, Alison Pert, University of Sydney, Ben Saul, University of Sydney
Published 2023


Public international law is a global legal system which regulates the conduct of countries and other actors. Public International Law offers Australian students a comprehensive and accessible introduction to international law. Covering the fundamental topics of international law – including treaties, use of force and dispute settlement – this text also discusses specialised branches such as humanitarian law, criminal law and environmental law. The key principles and theories of international law are clearly explained and analysed, and their application is…

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Key features

  • Contains both exposition and analysis of the law, with appropriately pitched explanations
  • Covers the core international law topics, as well as the main specialised branches of international law
  • Incorporates references to cases, materials and State practice from Australia and the region where appropriate

About the book

  • DOI
  • Subjects Law,Public International Law
  • Format: Paperback
    • Expected publication date: 02 November 2023
    • ISBN: 9781009055888
    • Dimensions (mm): 244 x 170 mm
    • Weight: 0.944kg
    • Page extent: 528 pages
    • Availability: Not yet published - available from
  • Format: Digital
    • Publication date: 09 May 2023
    • ISBN: 9781009052696

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