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> Rules and Practices of International Investment Law and Arbitration

Rules and Practices of International Investment Law and Arbitration


Yannick Radi, UCLouvain – Faculty of Law


International investment law and arbitration is its own 'galaxy', made up of thousands of treaties to be read in relation to hundreds of awards. It is also diverse, as treaty and arbitration practices display nuances and differences on a number of issues. While it has been expanding over the past few decades in quantitative terms, this galaxy is now developing new traits as a reaction to the criticisms formulated across civil society in relation to the protection of public interest.…

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Key features

  • Adopts a contextual approach, grounding the material in the context of how international investment law interacts with other areas of law, and how it works in practice
  • Provides in-depth analyses of treaty rules and practices in international investment law and arbitration
  • Provides in-depth analyses of arbitration practices pertaining notably to jurisdiction and admissibility, liability, quantum, costs, provisional measures, annulment as well as a broad range of specific procedural matters
  • Instructors organising their classes will benefit from an online digest that highlights the international investment agreements as well as the arbitral awards and decisions which are best illustrative of the nuances and differences displayed by treaty and arbitration practices

About the book

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