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> A Course in Cosmology

A Course in Cosmology From Theory to Practice


Dragan Huterer, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Published 2023


This new graduate textbook adopts a pedagogical approach to contemporary cosmology that enables readers to build an intuitive understanding of theory and data, and of how they interact, which is where the greatest advances in the field are currently being made. Using analogies, intuitive explanations of complex topics, worked examples and computational problems, the book begins with the physics of the early universe, and goes on to cover key concepts such as inflation, dark matter and dark energy, large‑scale structure,…

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Key features

  • Computationally oriented with integrated coverage of data-analysis topics and dedicated computational problems, ensuring students are familiar with numerical techniques
  • Pedagogical approach with boxed worked examples helps students better understand complex topics and crucial points
  • Advanced material is separated from the rest of the text, offering instructors the flexibility to incorporate topics as relevant to their course
  • Intermediate coverage at the lower-graduate level fills a gap in a market which offers a number of textbooks that are either introductory, or highly specialised

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