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> International Organizations

International Organizations Politics, Law, Practice

Coming soon in May 2024


Ian Hurd, Northwestern University, Illinois


International organizations are increasingly important to global politics, law, and culture. Now in its fifth edition, this leading textbook provides the definitive introduction to modern international organizations by examining a dozen prominent global institutions. With a mix of legal, empirical, and theoretical approaches, the author examines timely cases where IOs are in the headlines today including on migration, Brexit, trade wars, and border disputes. This new edition is fully revised and updated, featuring new chapters on how global sports are…

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Key features

  • Balances a lively and accessible approach that is still serious and substantive, drawing from today's headlines to engage readers' interests and passions about world affairs
  • Offers a realistic and balanced account of international organizations by analyzing their actual law, politics, and effects so that students can see how IOs create both winners and losers, and that often the winners are powerful governments and the losers are poor people
  • Includes engaging coverage of international organizations and sports in the new chapter on FIFA and the Olympic Committee, appealing to students who may not have an existing interest in international politics and law
  • Built around a strong theoretical framework that is clearly explained and grounded in contemporary international relations theory

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