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> The Science of Human Intelligence

The Science of Human Intelligence


Richard J. Haier, University of California, Irvine, Roberto Colom, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Earl Hunt, University of Washington
Published 2023


In this revised and updated edition of Hunt's classic textbook, Human Intelligence, two research experts explain how key scientific studies have revealed exciting information about what intelligence is, where it comes from, why there are individual differences, and what the prospects are for enhancing it. The topics are chosen based on the weight of evidence, allowing readers to evaluate what ideas and theories the data support. Topics include IQ testing, mental processes, brain imaging, genetics, population differences, sex, aging, and…

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Key features

  • Clearly written and organized for capturing readers' attention
  • Numerous figures and images illustrate key findings visually
  • Includes interesting real-life examples aimed at connecting the scientific findings and their relevance in everyday life

About the book

  • DOI
  • Subjects Cognition,Life Sciences,Neurosciences,Psychology
  • Format: Hardback
    • Publication date: 03 August 2023
    • ISBN: 9781108477154
    • Dimensions (mm): 254 x 178 mm
    • Weight: 0.998kg
    • Page extent: 550 pages
    • Availability: Available
  • Format: Paperback
    • Publication date: 03 August 2023
    • ISBN: 9781108701969
    • Dimensions (mm): 254 x 178 mm
    • Weight: 0.832kg
    • Page extent: 550 pages
    • Availability: Available
  • Format: Digital
    • Publication date: 03 August 2023
    • ISBN: 9781108569576

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