Mining Shakespeare

Gretchen E. Minton's new blog discusses the context of her recent article ‘Ecological Adaptation in Montana: Timon of Athens to Timon of Anaconda’ - out now in Cambridge journal 'New Theatre Quarterly'.

Fluids Writing Competition – now open!

Are you passionate about fluid mechanics and its applications? Are you looking to develop your writing skills and engage with an audience that's just as enthusiastic on the subject as you are? We have the competition for you.

How can the Black Lives Matter riots be justified, whereas the “Stop the Steal” riot is not?

This post first appeared on Jonathan Havercroft’s blog in January 2021. During the middle of the Stop the Steal riot on Wednesday, some commentators on social media argued that this showed how those who defended Black Lives Matter riots in the summer were wrong.…

Chasing the essence of essential use

This article introduces “The Concept of Essential Use: A Novel Approach to Regulating Chemicals in the European Union,” a new Open Access article in Transnational Environmental Law.

Looking at Pictures

The RCPsych Article of the Month for February is: ‘Mad agency’, reflections on Goya’s ‘The Madhouse’ by Jennifer Radden published in BJPsych Bulletin.

From Under the Elbow to Pointing to the Palm: Learning “medicine by the book” in premodern China

My article thus focuses on transformations in the main metaphors in ancient to late medieval titles of Chinese medical books used to convey to potential readers their ‘learning-by-the-book’ contents.

The policy questions we all now face are ripe for exploring our new Review

Launching the National Institute Economic Review at 62 years old! We are, of course, still living in the grip of a Covid pandemic that is neither well understood nor under control.…

Study shows Latino families more likely to have purchased toddler milk

Though multiple national health organizations recommend against giving toddler milk – a nutrient-fortified drink for children ages 12 months to 3 years that often contains added sugars – to young children, a new study suggests Latino families may be at particularly high risk for purchasing the product.…