Comments on Parasitology paper – Effects of parasitic freshwater mussels on their host fishes: a review

Starting my PhD in 2020 on the conservation of Swedish parasitic freshwater mussels (Order: Unionida), I initially noted a lack of effort put into the study of what these mussels actually do to their hosts. If our goal is to increase the number of these mussels in our lakes and rivers, this will inevitably have some downstream impact on their host fishes.

A life in engineering: Prof. Jan Maciejowski talks to the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC)

In the hot seat, Jan Maciejowski, InstMC Past President and Professor Emeritus of Control Engineering, University of Cambridge (now retired), gives us an insight into his career in engineering.

Facing up to the new normal in the VUCA business world

The new business environment is fraught with challenges and not all of them will result in successful outcomes. VUCA is a useful framework to navigate through.

What Makes a Person?

Q&A with professors Mark Hanson and Lucy Green on their upcoming Cambridge Festival event based on their illuminating book.

Is This the End of Britain?

Q&A with Historian and Author, Stuart Ward, on his upcoming Cambridge Festival event.

Celebrating 1000 Elements: Elements in Histories of Emotions and the Senses

 Post Excerpt The Elements series on the histories of emotions and senses owes everything to the vision and dedication of Jan Plamper, who established the series.

Celebrating 1000 Elements: Elements in Publishing and Book Culture

Publishing an academic book takes time. Sometimes even years. And that can be for all kinds of reasons, from the extensive length to making corrections, and from production delays to peer reviewers going awol.

Internet Shutdowns in Asia: Locating the Right to the Internet a Human Right Under International Human Rights Law

On May 2022, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) published a report which documented that the majority of the internet shutdown was reported in Asia. …