A Q&A with the course leaders of The Wealth Economy: A Framework for Sustainable Prosperity ‘Beyond GDP’

Diane Coyle (left) and Saite Lu (right) Diane Coyle is Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the Bennett Institute, University of Cambridge, where she leads research under the themes of progress and productivity.

Musings on ILM

ILM is an exceptional resource for scholars and practitioners of international law. As an active ASIL member for well over a decade, I have relied on ILM to keep me informed of developments across the field, from the latest U.S.…

Defining intercultural competence: going far beyond the ‘do’s and don’ts’.

To understand something, it’s sometimes easier to understand what it’s not. In this blog, expert Kasia Lanucha shares why intercultural competence is much deeper than simply understanding cultural customs.

A Q&A with the course leader of Climate Change for Decision-Makers: Challenges, Transformations, Strategies

Professor Jorge Vinuales holds the Harold Samuel Chair of Law and Environmental Policy at the University of Cambridge, where he founded the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resources Governance (C-EENRG).

The Evolution of Specialised Minds

Evolutionary theory has long been used to explain species and sex differences, but individual differences in cognition and behaviour have mostly been left out of the picture.

Reflections on 26 Years with International Legal Materials

It seems like only yesterday that Domingo Acevedo, my colleague at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights asked me whether I would be interested in serving on the Editorial Advisory Committee of International Legal Materials (ILM) since he was rotating off.…

La Guarjira in Colombia between paradoxes of ancestral care and exploitation

La Guajira: Natural wealth vs exploitation As a Guajira woman, feminist and social researcher, I want to share some personal reflections from the vision of female leadership as caretakers of the land and the fight against different forms of colonization and exploitation present in La Guajira.…

A practical design approach for a single-stage sounding rocket to reach a target altitude

More than 99% of air molecules on Earth exist below 50km altitude and therefore, there is certainly an upper limit on altitude for an aircraft to reach, while there is a lower limit on an orbit for a spacecraft to operate, as even a low density of air causes large drag due to the high orbit velocity with an unfavourable effect on its operation duration.