Political participation and the multiethnic civil society of interwar Hong Kong

A hundred years later, the claims that KRA members made about widening political representation and constitutional reforms sit at the heart of the protests taking place on the streets of Hong Kong.

Perspectives of a historical breed: Hungarian Grey cattle

The animal Article of the Month for September is “Genetic position of Hungarian Grey among European cattle and identification of breed-specific markers” by A.…

Removal of Labour Protections in India: Tradeoff between Economic Disenfranchisement and Growth

Prior to the advent of the Factories Act of 1883, India had seen the worst of an unregulated labour market, a convenient indentured labour base for the British Empire which saw workers as dispensable commodities to its profit-making industries.…

Kosova’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic – Original response

From time to time, until the crisis has passed, the HEPL blog series authors will be given the opportunity to provide short updates on their country/region’s continuing response to this worldwide catastrophe and their further reflections on those responses.…

Race and Empire: writing the global history of Irish revolution

A global history of the Irish Revolution, making the case for applying transnational, comparative, and global approaches and perspectives in order to fully understand the complexity and diversity of Ireland’s global revolution.

Violence against women in the Irish Civil War, 1922–3: gender-based harm in global perspective

My article draws on the transnational literature, and newly accessible Irish archives, to examine gender as an identifier in the Irish Civil War.

A materials response to COVID-19

A new article looks at the critical supply issues due to COVI-19 and how materials science has provided a viable alternative for rapid production and distribution of PPEs and medical devices.

Europeanization on Demand: The EU Cybersecurity Certification Regime Between Market Integration and Core State Powers [1997-2019]

The digital sphere is consistently expanding, and now encompasses more than half of the world’s population with eight billion digital devices (Kemp, 2019).…