Kantian Review Conference 2023: Sovereignty, Nationality & Language – Cardiff University, 1-2 June

It is often noted that Kant’s relation to nationality is ambiguous and seemingly paradoxical. Indeed, there is presently no consensus among Kantian scholars as to what, exactly, Kant’s own stance on sovereignty or nationalism actually was.

Conversations with Authors: Education or Indoctrination? The Violent Origins of Public School Systems in an Era of State-Building

The main goal of the paper is to explain the emergence and the expansion of public primary education systems.

The Irresistible Attraction of Gravity

Q&A with Luciano Rezzolla about his upcoming Cambridge Festival event

Understanding Life

Q&A with Author Kostas Kampourakis about his upcoming Cambridge Festival event

Timing of cestode infection in threespine stickleback: Exploring variation among populations

When do parasites infect hosts? And does timing differ between separate host populations? Answers to these questions are fundamental to our understanding of host-parasite interactions and co-evolution. Yet often these aspects of host-parasite interactions are understudied.

Protected Urea – Protecting the Environment and Delivering for Farmers

The paper “Can a urease inhibitor improve the efficacy of nitrogen use under perennial ryegrass temperate grazing conditions? A multi-site study of N use in a temperate climate“, published in The Journal of Agricultural Science, has been chosen as the latest Editorial Highlight and is available Open Access.…

What Makes a Good Review

What makes a good review? Some advice to potential reviewers about what we hope your review will accomplish for our authors and for us.

Following in giant footsteps: introducing a new Editorial team for Ancient Mesoamerica

In January 2023, I was honored and humbled to be appointed Editor-in-Chief of Ancient Mesoamerica (ATM), together with a new Editorial team including leading scholars Christina Halperin and Sarah (Stacy) Barber.