Get Motivated: Study Tips From Our Student Panel

This month, we are launching our Good Student campaign to support learners who are starting their Higher Education journey. We recently consulted our Student Panel, which is made up of students from around the world, to find out what advice they had to share with incoming students.…

Londinium’s Landward Wall: Material acquisition, supply and construction

Not far from the Tower of London, to the east of the Tower Hill, stands one of the best surviving sections of London’s city walls, still preserved up to a height of about 10 metres. The lowest courses of this part of the wall, up to about 4 m, is the original Roman Landward Wall with later medieval additions above.

The importance of soft-bodied organisms in ancient food webs

Past extinction events are key to understanding how modern life will respond to climate change. For ecologists who study communities of interacting organisms, the fossil record holds a wealth of information about how different species react to environmental perturbations, but with a major drawback — it only captures species with bones and shells.

Completing research relevant to CBT for children and young people? A quick guide on how and why to publish with the Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (tCBT)

We at tCBT are acutely aware that the prevalence of mental health issues in children and young people (CYP) is on the rise (NHS Digital, 2020).…

Experimental Results and the Replication Crisis in Neuroscience

Ned Jenkinson (University of Birmingham): an Experimental Results author is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehab Sciences and Researcher in the Centre for Human Brain Health.…

Medieval School-Sanctioned Social Cohesion: Nerds, Cool Kids, and “Being Sound”

In an attempt to create social cohesion, medieval European schoolmasters harnessed “youthful rebelliousness” during annual rituals so that a “modicum of order could be maintained.

Interwar Diplomacy between Soviet Russia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan

Diplomatic historians have long pointed out that the early months of 1921 featured the culmination of a campaign of Soviet revolutionary diplomacy in which Moscow established diplomatic relations with newly reinstated governments in Ankara, Tehran and Kabul.

Meet the Learning Design team: Emily Tannert Patterson

My name is Emily Tannert Patterson and I have been an Associate Learning Designer at Cambridge University Press since February 2020.…