Intoxicants and Early Modern European Globalization – the Special issue

A special issue on the spaces, practices, and material culture that characterised the production and consumption of intoxicants in Europe, the Atlantic, and South Asia between the 16th and 18th centuries.

5 Things to Know about Cryptocurrencies and their Exchanges

1. Crypto is the Data Money, Blockchain is the Accounting System It is wrong to think that Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are mere digital monies.…

Student Exchange: French and German competition for US students in the 1920s

Following the Great War, both countries tapped into their academic capital to pursue very different visions of the post-war order; that is either to enforce (in the case of France) or undo (in the case of Germany) the provisions of the Versailles peace settlement.

CEH Prize winning article ‘From National Catholicism to Romantic Love. The Politics of Love and Divorce in Franco’s Spain’

The editorial team of Contemporary European History is delighted to announce the 2020 CEH Prize winner, Mónica García-Fernández (University of the Basque Country, Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea), for her forthcoming article ‘From National Catholicism to Romantic Love. The Politics of Love and Divorce in Franco's Spain’.

Rhetoric, politics, and decorum in the Renaissance

Some thought that civil speech was a denial of civic ideals. Others, such as Erasmus and Vives, believed that civic life in the service of the community could only be realized through civil speech.

Fake news and state manipulation, First World War style?

Rather than sinister and corrupt state manipulation, this close look at the instructions, never previously undertaken, suggests a relatively flexible and responsive attempt to balance safety and security with press freedom.

Turkey’s Withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention and Normalization of Male Violence

After decades of progressive reforms, since the early 2010s, Turkey has enacted a series of rollbacks on women’s rights and gender equality.…

Economic liberalism and social revolts in Africa and the Middle East

This special issue looks at the revolts and other, often contentious, social responses to the forced liberalization programs in Africa and the Middle East from the 1970s to the present day...