August 2013

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Demystifying the article production process

Congratulations, your paper has been accepted into a journal! What happens next? Peter Moorby, Production Editor for Cambridge Journals, helps demystify the article production process and explain what happens from submission to final publication.

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A Language for all the World

Written by John Edwards Based on an article in the July 2013 issue of Language Teaching. In the popular mind, constructing a language has always been seen as an odd activity, one that seems to fly in the face of ‘natural’ language dynamics.…

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Sun Exposure North of the Arctic Circle

The August Nutrition Society Paper of the month is from British Journal of Nutrition  and is entitled ‘Vitamin D in serum is influenced by diet and season in North Greenland:  indicators of dermal 25OHD production north of the Arctic Circle’ No need to worry about vitamin D deficiency if you live in North Greenland.…

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