On May 1st 2014, we radically changed the pricing model for Cambridge ebooks available to institutions.

The changes have created a simpler pricing structure, making it easier for institutional customers to buy Cambridge ebooks.

Under the new model, nearly all 24,000 available titles are divided into four categories, with just one set price per category. The categories are Books for Research, Coursebooks, Cambridge Library Collection and Textbooks.

New pricing per title
Cambridge Library Collection: £50GBP, $80USD, €60Euro, $85AUD
Books for Research: £80GBP, $125USD, €95Euro, $135AUD
Coursebooks: £125GBP, $195USD, €150Euro, $210AUD
Textbooks: £300GBP, $500USD, €360Euro, $550AUD

No FTE multipliers
FTE bands and multipliers will no longer apply, so creating a simple underlying price structure for all titles.

No limited concurrency titles
All titles available direct from Cambridge from 1st May 2014 will have unlimited concurrency access.

We hope our customers will agree that the new pricing structure is easy to understand and will enable rapid price calculation and collection building.

We also anticipate that the new pricing structure will assist us in integrating seamlessly with library purchasing systems and also better support EBA models and advanced ordering, for which we are developing automated systems.

You can view the latest price lists here

More information
If you have any questions, or would like a price proposal under the new structure that is tailored to your institution, please contact online@cambridge.org in the Americas, or library.sales@cambridge.org in the Rest of the World.

These prices are correct as of 01/05/14 and may be subject to change in 2015.
This flat pricing model applies to ebooks on Cambridge Books Online and ebooks
from partner presses via University Publishing Online. Partner presses included
are Acumen, Anthem Press, Boydell and Brewer, The University of Adelaide Press,
Liverpool University Press, Foundation Books, Edinburgh University Press,
The Royal Economic Society and the Mathematical Association of America.


  1. Hi – is there an easy/quick way of checking what titles are included in each of these categories?

    1. Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your question. There will be a list published on Cambridge Books Online next week which will provide this information. In the meantime, if we can help you with pricing information directly, please contact us at library.sales@cambridge.org
      Hope this is helpful!
      Best wishes

  2. Hi Tristan,

    Can you please confirm if the price list is already available?

    Mario Silva

    1. Hi Mario,

      Thanks for your message. Please find the pricing spreadsheets now linked from the blog post above. These are for ebooks available via Cambridge Books Online and University Publishing Online.

      Kind regards

  3. What is the difference between the Cambridge Library Collection and Books for Research?

    1. Hi Jonas,
      Books for Research are recent and new Cambridge titles.
      The Cambridge Library Collection (1740-1940) is an imprint of out-of-copyright scholarly books from multiple publishers, which have been scanned and digitised with a very high level of quality control. They are available both as printed books or, for institutional access, as ebooks via Cambridge Books Online (CBO).
      I hope this answers your question.
      You can gain further information by emailing online@cambridge.org in the Americas or library.sales@cambridge.org in the rest of the world.
      Best regards

  4. hey, my name is Getachew from Ethiopia i want to read the books” functional categories” in the department of linguistics but not available on line if you can help me

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