October 2016

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Striking a balance between development and sustainability

A post from the new Cambridge Open Access title Global Sustainability Since the notion of Sustainable Development has become widespread with the publication of the UN Commission on Environment and Development in 1986, there has been the tension between the aspiration to develop on the one hand and to stay within ‘planetary boundaries’ on the other.…

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Recent trends and future prospects in human capital development

Blog post based on an article published in Journal of Demographic Economics. The dataset (Goujon et al. 2016) that we present in the article aims to fill one major gap: provide long time series of harmonized data on education stocks – the educational attainment of adult population — from 1970 to 2060, across 171 countries.…

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Talk ‘like a man’: The linguistic style of Hillary Clinton

By tracking Hillary Clinton's subtle linguistic behavior over time, Jennifer Jones' research shows how these forces manifest in Clinton's self-presentation. Jones' findings suggest that as the Democratic nominee transitioned from First Lady to U.S. Senator to Secretary of State, she spoke in an increasingly "masculine" way.

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