February 2014

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Dictionary use by English language learners

Post written by Hilary Nesi based on a recent article in Language Teaching Almost everyone uses dictionaries, and in order for them to function most effectively we need to learn how best to consult them, and dictionary-makers need to learn about our consultation needs.…

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Mutiny on the High Seas!

The Age of Revolution Between the 1760s and late 1840s, revolutionary ferment broke out across much of the Atlantic world: erupting in multiple places, spreading inward and outward, moving multi-directionally across Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean, waves of insurrectionary violence toppled thrones and shattered empires.…

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Western Art Music in Japan: A Success Story?

This blogpost is adapted from Dr. Margaret Mehl’s introduction to the latest special issue of Nineteenth-Century Music Review. Japan’s successful modernization on Western premises, in the second half of the nineteenth century, included the introduction and adoption of Western music.…

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