November 2014

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Combating illegal fishing in offshore marine reserves

Conservation scientists say there needs to be a new approach to protecting offshore marine reserves. Researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) at James Cook University in Australia have found a way to predict illegal fishing activities to help authorities better protect marine reserves.…

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Fanged deer persists in Afghanistan

Wildlife Conservation Society study confirms that endangered musk deer still live in Nuristan Province – some 60 years after last sighting species targeted by poachers: Musk deer scent glands are more valuable than gold Study appears in the October issue of the journal Oryx.…

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Reducing rumen protozoa mitigates methane emission

Livestock farming is responsible for 14.5% of total anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, with half of them represented by methane emissions, mostly produced by ruminants. In addition, enteric methane production by ruminants represents up to 6% of energy loss for the animal. Reduction of methanogenesis is then important to limit the negative environmental impacts of ruminants and to improve their feed efficiency.

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