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No Effective Post-Emergent Herbicides for Waterhemp?

Corn and soybean growers in Nebraska are now facing their worst nightmare. A research study featured in the journal Weed Science shows a population of waterhemp has evolved resistance to four distinct herbicide sites of action –  including PPO inhibitors, ALS inhibitors, EPSPS inhibitors and PS II inhibitors.…

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A New Herbicide for Watermelon Crops?

Watermelon growers face tough weed control challenges. One example: Crop seedlings need to be planted with plenty of elbow room – leaving wide spaces where broadleaf and grassy weeds can become established and reduce yields.…

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Land Managers Have a New Reason to Remove Invasive Plants

Scientists have discovered an important new reason to focus on removal of invasive plant species. A recent study featured in the journal Invasive Plant Science and Management shows that removing invaders alongside a stream or river can greatly improve the biodiversity of aquatic organisms.…

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