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Nanoscale impedance and complex properties in energy-related systems

  • Wonyoung Lee (a1), Fritz B. Prinz (a2), Xi Chen (a3), S. Nonnenmann (a4), Dawn A. Bonnell (a5) and Ryan P. O’Hayre (a6)...

Atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based impedance spectroscopy provides localized impedance information of materials and interfaces at the nanoscale by utilizing the conductive AFM tip as a moving electrode to detect current response as a function of time and frequency under controlled environments. This capability enables AFM-based nanoscale impedance measurements to play a unique role in enhancing our understanding of many electronic and electrochemical devices. This article introduces the central concepts of AFM-based impedance measurement and reviews recent examples applying this technique to a variety of functional materials systems, in particular focusing on fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, photoactive biomembranes, as well as other application examples.

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