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Ancient China and its Eurasian Neighbors
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Book description

This volume examines the role of objects in the region north of early dynastic state centers, at the intersection of Ancient China and Eurasia, a large area that stretches from Xinjiang to the China Sea, from c.3000 BCE to the mid-eighth century BCE. This area was a frontier, an ambiguous space that lay at the margins of direct political control by the metropolitan states, where local and colonial ideas and practices were reconstructed transculturally. These identities were often merged and displayed in material culture. Types of objects, styles, and iconography were often hybrids or new to the region, as were the tomb assemblages in which they were deposited and found. Patrons commissioned objects that marked a symbolic vision of place and person and that could mobilize support, legitimize rule, and bind people together. Through close examination of key artifacts, this book untangles the considerable changes in political structure and cultural makeup of ancient Chinese states and their northern neighbors.

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  • Chapter One - Shaping the Study of Inner Asian Artifacts and Mental Boundaries
    pp 12-34
Baoji shehui kexue 宝鸡社会科学 [Baoji Social Science]
Beifang wenwu 北方文物 [Cultural Relics of Beifang]
Bianjiang kaogu yanju 边疆考古研究 [Frontier Archaeological Study]
Gudai wenming 古代文明 [Ancient Civilization]
Kaogu 考古 [Archaeology]
Kaogu xuebao 考古学报 [Acta Archaeologica Sinica]
Kaogu yu wenwu 考古与文物 [Archaeology and Cultural Relics]
Kaoguxue jikan 考古学集刊 [Collected Essays of Archaoelogical Studies]
Liaohai wenwu xuekan 辽海文物学刊 [Journal of Cultural Relics of the Liaohai]
Neimenggu wenwu kaogu 内蒙古文物考古 [Inner Mongolia Cultural Relics and Archaeology]
Nongye kaogu 农业考古 [Archaeology of Agriculture]
Qinghai wenwu 青海文物 [Qinghai Cultural Relics]
Wenbo 文博 [Cultural Relics and Museum Studies]
Wenwu 文物 [Cultural Relics]
Wenwu chunqiu 文物春秋 [The History of Relics]
Xiyu yanjiu 西域研究 [Reseach of Western Region]
Zhongyuan wenwu 中原文物 [Zhongyuan Archaeology]
Guoyu 国语. Shanghai 上海: Shanghai Guji 上海古籍, 1988.
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