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The God Relationship
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In this book, Paul K. Moser proposes a new approach to inquiry about God, including a new discipline of the ethics for inquiry about God. It is an ethics for human attitudes and relationships as well as actions in inquiry, and it includes human responsibility for seeking evidence that involves a moral priority for humans. Such ethics includes an ongoing test, a trial, for human receptivity to goodness, including morally good relationships, as a priority in human inquiry and life. Moser also defends an approach to the evidence for God that makes sense of the elusiveness and occasional absence of God in human experience. His book will be of interest to those interested in inquiry about God, with special relevance to scholars and advanced students in religious studies, philosophy, theology, and biblical studies.


'This book is challenging, thoughtful, and worthy of engagement.'

Source: Choice

'The God Relationship is a brilliant work of philosophical theology at the intersection of ethics, epistemology, and theology. It will be of interest to philosophers, theologians, apologists, and scholars in religious and biblical studies. I enthusiastically recommend this rare work, which expertly challenges standard methodology and enlarges our philosophical vision even as it puts us under existential challenge. Reflection on this book can transform not only the way we think about inquiry into the divine but also the way we live our lives.'

Todd R. Long Source: Philosophia Christi

'Moser’s development of the ethics for the inquiry necessary to have individual communion with God is unique, and worthy of exploration by philosophers of religion. … There is, indeed, content that any scholar who has considered theodicy, the nature of God, and the response to evil will find insightful and a platform for further dialogue.'

Jill Hernandez Source: Faith and Philosophy

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