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Lattice Boltzmann Study of a Vortex Ring Impacting Spheroidal Particles

  • Chunlong Yu (a1), Haibo Huang (a1) and Xiyun Lu (a1)


Interaction of vortex rings with solid is an important research topic of hydrodynamic. In this study, a multiple-relaxation time (MRT) lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is used to investigate the flow of a vortex ring impacting spheroidal particles. The MRT-LBM is validated through the cases of vortex ring impacting a flat wall. The vortex evolution due to particle size, the aspect ratio of a prolate particle, as well as Reynolds (Re) number are discussed in detail. When the vortex ring impacting a stationary sphere, the primary and secondary vortex rings wrap around each other, which is different from the situation of the vortex ring impacting a plate. For the vortex ring impacting with a prolate spheroid, the secondary vortex ring stretches mainly along the long axis of the ellipsoid particle. However, it is found that after the vortex wrapping stage, the primary vortex recovers along the short axis of the particle faster than that in the long axis, i.e., the primary vortex ring stretches mainly along the short axis of the particle. That has never been address in the literature.


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