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LES of Normally Impinging Elliptic Air-Jet Heat Transfer at Re=4400

  • Yongping Li (a1), Qizhao Lin (a1) and Zuojin Zhu (a2)

Jet impingement induced heat transfer is an important issue in engineering science. This paper presents results of large eddy simulation (LES) of normally impinging elliptic air-jet heat transfer at a Reynolds number of 4400, with orifice-to-plate distance fixed to be 5 in the unit of jet nozzle effective diameter . The elliptic aspect ratio (a/b) is 3/2. While the target wall is heated under some condition of constant heat flux. The LES are carried out using dynamic subgrid model and Open-FOAM. The distributions ofmean velocity components, velocity fluctuations, and subgrid stresses in vertical and radial directions, and the Nusselt numbers involving heat transfer through the target wall are discussed. The comparison with existing experimental and numerical results shows good agreement.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Email: (Z. J. Zhu)
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