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An optical soft-sensor based shape sensing using a bio-inspired pattern recognition technique to realise fly-by-feel capability for intelligent aircraft operation

  • M. Basu (a1) and S. K. Ghorai (a2)

Information regarding deformations in large and complex systems is necessary in the prediction of structural failures caused by un-natural flexural occurrences. Sensing systems which are used to predict shapes, in order to develop a global surface picture require high precision and lower time lag. In this work, a unique bio-inspired training mechanism for support vector regression is presented for shape sensing in structures mounted with Fiber Bragg Gratings. Experimental validation was carried out on a simply supported beam, loaded at different positions and an aircraft wing model for different types of bending. The resulting deflections at specified locations along the length of the beam and on both surfaces of the wing were interpreted from the wavelength shifts of the corresponding Fiber Bragg Gratings through the specially modified Support Vector Regression. The method has shown high accuracy, low computational requirements and enhanced prediction times. The proposed bio-inspired training method has also been compared with two conventional training methodologies.

Corresponding author
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