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Hybrid ant colony optimization for capacitated multiple-allocation cluster hub location problem

  • Mohammad Mirabi (a1) and Parya Seddighi (a2)

The hub location problems involve locating facilities and designing hub networks to minimize the total cost of transportation (as a function of distance) between hubs, establishing facilities and demand management. In this paper, we consider the capacitated cluster hub location problem because of its wide range of applications in real-world cases, especially in transportation and telecommunication networks. In this regard, a mathematical model is presented to address this problem under capacity constraints imposed on hubs and transportation lines. Then, a new hybrid algorithm based on simulated annealing and ant colony optimization is proposed to solve the presented problem. Finally, the computational experiments demonstrate that the proposed heuristic algorithm is both effective and efficient.

Corresponding author
Reprint requests to: Mohammad Mirabi, Industrial Engineering Group, Department of Engineering, Ayatollah Haeri University of Meybod, Meybod, Iran. E-mail:
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