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The Stanegate: a Frontier Rehabilitated

  • N. Hodgson (a1)

Most students of Roman frontiers are familiar with the idea that, before the construction of Hadrian's Wall in c. 122, a system of frontier control had developed on the Tyne—Solway isthmus under Trajan, particularly after the withdrawal of the Roman army from southern Scotland in c. 105 (FIG. 1). A road running between Corbridge and Carlisle, known in medieval times as the Stanegate, has generally been seen as the basic component of this Trajanic frontier. The idea of the Stanegate road as a frontier originated with Forster, was developed by Collingwood, and the schedule of sites along it was formalised by Birley, who proposed a regular Stanegate system of forts at intervals of half a day's march, alternating with fortlets.

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