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Age determination for female tsetse flies and the age compositions of samples of Glossina pallidipes Aust., G. palpalis fuscipes Newst. and G. brevipalpis Newst.

  • D. S. Saunders (a1)

The age compositions of samples of females of Glossina pallidipes Aust., G. palpalis fuscipes Newst. and G. brevipalpis Newst., are analysed by means of a method of age determination based upon the changes occurring in the reproductive system during successive gonotrophic cycles. This method of age determination is described in detail.

Females were sampled by three main methods: in traps, by catching on a bait-animal, and on a fly-round. Some flies were also found as resting flies in the undergrowth.

Trap-caught samples of G. pallidipes were older (i.e.), contained a larger proportion of old flies (and a smaller proportion of young flies) than the hand-caught samples. The bait-caught samples were intermediate in age structure. Correlated with the increasing mean age in the hand-caught—bait-caught—trap-caught series was an increase in the proportion of females carrying third-instar larvae and a decrease in the proportion of those carrying eggs. Results with samples of G. palpalis fuscipes and G. brevipalpis were not so well defined.

The results of dissecting teneral and non-teneral nullipars of G. pallidipes and G. palpalis fuscipes indicate that females of the latter are inseminated some time before they take their first blood-meal, but teneral females of G. pallidipes are inseminated when they come to the host to feed or after they have fed.

The relation of the ovarian method of age determination to Jackson's (1946) wing-fray categories in females of G. pallidipes, and the probable epidemiological importance of the samples, are also discussed.

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