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The biology of two species of mosquito, Mansonia africana (Theobald) and Mansonia uniformis (Theobald), belonging to the subgenus Mansonioides (Diptera, Culicidae).

  • B. R. Laurence (a1)

The distribution and biology of two related species of mosquito, Mansonia (Mansonioides) africana (Theo.) and M. (M.) uniformis (Theo.), have been compared. M. uniformis is found from China to Africa, whereas M. africana is restricted to the continent of Africa. The two species do not interbreed although mating, but no insemination, is possible in the laboratory. Strains of M. uniformis from Africa, Ceylon and Malaya are interfertile, but crosses between the African and the other strains, especially, showed a reduction in fertility of the eggs produced and thus some evidence of speciation.

The two species show the same adult behaviour at mating, feeding (both in the field and in the laboratory) and during oviposition. Both species are stenogamous and mate readily in small cages. The first blood-meal is taken approximately 24 hours after emergence and immediately after each oviposition, 3–5 days after the previous blood-meal. M. uniformis is more active directly after the blood-meal.

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