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Feeding performance and life table parameters of Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae) on various barley cultivars

  • A. Golizadeh (a1) and Z. Abedi (a1)


The Khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium Everts (Coleoptera: Dermestidae), is a common pest of cereal grains and other stored products. In this study, the effects of ten barley cultivars (Abidar, Bahman, Line20, Line22, Line30, Lisuei, Lokht11, Makuyi, Sahand, and Sahraa) were evaluated on life table parameters and nutritional indices of T. granarium under the following laboratory conditions: 33 ± 1°C, 60 ± 5% RH, and a photoperiod of 14: 10 (L: D) h. Life history parameters of T. granarium could be appropriate indices in resistance and susceptibility evaluation of barley cultivars. The maximum survival rate of immature stages was observed on Makuyi and Lisuei cultivars and the minimum rate was on Abidar and Line22 cultivars. The shortest development time was on Makuyi cultivar and the longest on Line22 cultivar. Pupal weight was ranged from 2.56 mg on Lokht11 to 4.86 mg on Makuyi. Fecundity and egg-hatching rates were highest on Lisuei cultivar and the adults were long-lived on Makuyi cultivar. The highest r m values were observed on Makuyi and Lisuei cultivars but lower value of it resulted from rearing of T. granarium on Line22 cultivar (0.0350 female per female day−1). The results showed that T. granarium larvae fed on Makuyi cultivar had higher values of relative consumption rate and relative growth rate. The results indicated that Makuyi and Lisuei cultivars were relatively susceptible barley cultivars and Line22 was the most inappropriate cultivar for feeding of T. granarium, which could prove useful in the development of Integrated Pest Management programs for this pest.


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