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Parasitological Data as an Aid in Aphid Classification1

  • Manfred Mackauer (a1)


Existing theories and conclusions on the taxonomic relationships between various aphids are based on a study of those insects alone, and are often a matter of opinion.

True taxonomic relationships frequently are revealed when the host ranges of the insect parasites of aphids are considered.

Conclusions from a study of the host-relationships of aphid parasites of the family Aphidiidae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea): support the division of the superfamily Aphidoidea into Phylloxerina and Aphidina; support that Chaitophoridae, Callaphididae and Aphididae (including Lachnidae) form a monophyletic group, with the Aphididae the most recent member; support the view that the Rosaceae complex of Aphididae is natural; show that the aphid host plant usually has no decisive influence on the potential host range of an aphidiid species, even in cases of a taxonomically discontinuous change in host plants; and do not support the placement of the genus Drepanosiphum with the family Callaphididae, subfamily Phyllaphidinae.



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Parasitological Data as an Aid in Aphid Classification1

  • Manfred Mackauer (a1)


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