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Bilinear and Quadratic Forms on Rational Modules of Split Reductive Groups

  • Skip Garibaldi (a1) and Daniel K. Nakano (a2)


The representation theory of semisimple algebraic groups over the complex numbers (equivalently, semisimple complex Lie algebras or Lie groups, or real compact Lie groups) and the questions of whether a given complex representation is symplectic or orthogonal have been solved since at least the 1950s. Similar results for Weyl modules of split reductive groups over fields of characteristic different from 2 hold by using similar proofs. This paper considers analogues of these results for simple, induced, and tilting modules of split reductive groups over fields of prime characteristic as well as a complete answer for Weyl modules over fields of characteristic 2.



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Bilinear and Quadratic Forms on Rational Modules of Split Reductive Groups

  • Skip Garibaldi (a1) and Daniel K. Nakano (a2)


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