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VB-Courant Algebroids, E-Courant Algebroids and Generalized Geometry

  • Honglei Lang (a1), Yunhe Sheng (a2) and Aïssa Wade (a3)

In this paper, we first discuss the relation between VB-Courant algebroids and E-Courant algebroids, and we construct some examples of E-Courant algebroids. Then we introduce the notion of a generalized complex structure on an E-Courant algebroid, unifying the usual generalized complex structures on even-dimensional manifolds and generalized contact structures on odd-dimensional manifolds. Moreover, we study generalized complex structures on an omni-Lie algebroid in detail. In particular, we show that generalized complex structures on an omni-Lie algebra gl(V) ⊕ V correspond to complex Lie algebra structures on V.

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