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Identification of Porcine haemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus receptor in PK cell membranes

  • Lu Hui-Jun (a1), He Wen-Qi (a1), Song De-Guang (a1), Liu Li-Guo (a1), Chang Ling-Zhu (a1), Li Zhi-Ping (a1), Chen Ke-Yan (a1) and Gao Feng (a1)...


To identify Porcine haemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus (HEV) 67N receptor in porcine kidney (PK) cell membranes, the S1 protein of HEV was expressed in Pichia pastoris and purified by Ni2+ affinity chromatograph. Polyclonal antibodies to HEV were prepared by immunizing rabbits by injecting the purified S1 protein four times. After SDS–polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS–PAGE), the PK cell membrane proteins were transferred on to nitrocellulose membrane. A virus overlay protein binding assay (VOPBA) was performed using the recombinant S1 protein to identify the protein binding receptor, HEV-S1. The result showed that HEV-S1 protein bound to one band (about 90 kDa) in PK cell membranes. This result is very important for the study of the pathogenic mechanism of HEV.


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