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  • T. W. Allen (a1)


I. HomericHymn to Apollo 334:

κἐκλντε νῦν μοι γαῖα καὶ οὐρανòσ εὐρὺσ ὓπερθεν,

TιτǴνεσ τε θεοιí ὑπὸ χθονὶ ναιετάοντεσ

τάρταρον ἀμφὶ μέγαν, τῶν ἔξ ἂνδρεσ τε θεοί τε.



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Page 147 note 1 And I suppose ο 433 ἦ γὰρ ἓτ εíσì καí ἀφνειοì καλἐονται.

Page 149 note 1 Some somewhat similar cases are to be found in Kuhner-Gerth II., § 597 n.

Page 149 note 1 This is commented on by $BT: ἔστι δἑ οὕτωσ. δσοι γἁρ ἂριστοι ἐπì τἡν μἀχην περì τòν Mενοιτιἀomacr;ην ἓστασαν και ήἐρι κατειχοντο.


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