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A Ms. of Terence in the Cambridge University Library

  • P. E. Postgate


In his recently published book on Early Latin Verse Professor Lindsay says (p. 4): ‘The MSS. of Terence have not yet been all collated; at least, collations have not yet been published. And for a critical edition there is as yet nothing better than Umpfenbach's (shall we say?) pre-scientific volume…;’ (cf. p. 225). I therefore thought it not out of place to give an account (not a collation) of the better of two MSS. recently acquired by the Cambridge University Library. My attention was drawn to it by my father, Dr. Postgate, who had noted its reading of exclusti in Eun. 98 (which none of Umpfenbach's MSS. read, but Donatus confirms), and he has helped me with the preparation of this paper. I have also to thank Mr. Sayle for allowing me to quote the official description of the MS.



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page 148 note 1 Demetrius, ch. 25.

page 148 note 2 'Aθ. IIολ., 30–31. We may regard in a similar light Demetrius' occupation of Acrocorinth ‘μέχρι ἃν ό πρός Κάσσανςρον καταλυθή πόλεμος’ (Diod. 20. 103. 4).

page 148 note 3 Diod. 20. 110. 6.

page 149 note 1 Schenkl, Sitzber. d. k. Ak. in Wien, phil.-hist. kl., Vol. 136, V, ii., p. 77, 2479.

page 149 note 2 Schlee, Scholia Terentiana, ed. Teubner, 1893, pp. 163 sqq.

page 149 note 3 A. Bembinus; B. Basilicanus; C. Vaticanus; D, Victorianus; E, Riccardianus; F, Ambrosianus; G, Decurtatus; P, Parisinus: V. Fragmentum Vindobonense.

page 150 note 1 Sitzber, . d. k. Akad. in Wien, phil.-hist. kl., Vol. 136, V. ii., p. 76, No. 2476 .

page 150 note 2 , Rand, Class. Phil. IV., 359–389 .


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