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Post-Classical Λέσβιαι

  • Albio Cesare Cassio (a1)



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1 Jocelyn, H. D., ‘A Greek indecency and its students: λαικάζειν’, Proc. Cambr. Philol. Soc. 206 (1980), 1266.

2 Jocelyn, n. 66; see also n. 205.

3 La ragazza di Lesbo’, Quad. Urb. 16 (1973), 125 n. 4, a statement repeated by Komornicka, A. M., Quad. Urb. 21 (1976), 37.

4 The earliest example quoted by A Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, 2 (Oxford, 1976), s.v. Lesbian, dates from 1890 and s.v. Lesbianism, from 1870. No instances of the sexual meaning can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary itself s.v. Lesbian.

5 ‘Sappho von einem herrschenden Vorurtheil befreyt’, Kleine Schriften 2 (Bonn, 1845), p.86 n. 14.

6 Alexandrinus, Clemens I, Protrepticus und Paedagogus, hrsg. von Stahlin, O. (3Berlin, 1972, durchges. von U. Treu), p. xvi.

7 Stählin, op. cit. p. xxiii: ‘Seine Randnotizen sind für die Kenntnis des Altertums und das Verstandnis des Clemens fast ganz wertlos’.

8 Demonassa, the second tribad in Luc, . dial. mer. 5, comes from Corinth; in Asclep, . Anth. Pal. 5. 207 the tribads are Samian. I doubt, however, if Asclepiades' epigram can be regarded as sufficient proof that tribadism was also connected with Samos; and there is no reason to regard as homosexual, as Wilamowitz, did (Sappho und Simonides (Berlin, 1913), p. 72 n. 3), the Samian γυναῖκας…ὑπ⋯ τρυϕ⋯ς κα⋯ ϋβρεως ⋯κόλαστα ποιούσας of Plut, . quaest. gr. 54. W. Kroll in his article Lesbische Liebe (RE 12 col. 2101) is more cautious (‘vielleicht’).

9 SeeMras, K., ‘Die Überlieferung Lucians’, Sitzb. Ak. Wiss. Wien, Philos.-hist. Klasse 167 n. 7 (Wien, 1911), 233f.


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