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Uptake of Pb and Zn from a binary solution onto different fixed bed depths of natural zeolite – the BDST model approach

  • I. Nuić (a1), M. Trgo (a1), J. Perić (a1) and N. Vukojević Medvidović (a1)


The removal of lead and zinc from a binary solution by fixed bed depths (40, 80 and 120 mm) of a natural zeolite was examined at a flow rate of 1 mL/min. The results obtained were fitted to the Bed Depth Service Time (BDST) model and the parameters of the model (q and k) were used to design a column system for flow rates of 2 and 3 mL/min at a bed depth of 80 mm. The experimental results were in excellent agreement with those predicted and experimental breakthrough curves for the binary systems were obtained. This approach facilitates the design of effective binary column processes without additional experimentation. Two major design parameters, the Empty Bed Contact Time (EBCT) and the zeolite usage rate, were calculated. The highest EBCT value of 13.56 min represents the optimal conditions for the binary (Pb+Zn) solution.


Corresponding author


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