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Induced Turán Numbers


The classical Kővári–Sós–Turán theorem states that if G is an n-vertex graph with no copy of K s,t as a subgraph, then the number of edges in G is at most O(n 2−1/s ). We prove that if one forbids K s,t as an induced subgraph, and also forbids any fixed graph H as a (not necessarily induced) subgraph, the same asymptotic upper bound still holds, with different constant factors. This introduces a non-trivial angle from which to generalize Turán theory to induced forbidden subgraphs, which this paper explores. Along the way, we derive a non-trivial upper bound on the number of cliques of fixed order in a K r -free graph with no induced copy of K s,t . This result is an induced analogue of a recent theorem of Alon and Shikhelman and is of independent interest.

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