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On the Laplacian Eigenvalues of Gn,p


We investigate the Laplacian eigenvalues of sparse random graphs Gnp. We show that in the case that the expected degree d = (n-1)p is bounded, the spectral gap of the normalized Laplacian is o(1). Nonetheless, w.h.p. G = Gnp has a large subgraph core(G) such that the spectral gap of is as large as 1-O (d−1/2). We derive similar results regarding the spectrum of the combinatorial Laplacian L(Gnp). The present paper complements the work of Chung, Lu and Vu [8] on the Laplacian spectra of random graphs with given expected degree sequences. Applied to Gnp, their results imply that in the ‘dense’ case d ≥ ln2n the spectral gap of is 1-O (d−1/2) w.h.p.

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