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Artificial Boundary Conditions for Nonlocal Heat Equations on Unbounded Domain

  • Wei Zhang (a1), Jiang Yang (a2), Jiwei Zhang (a1) and Qiang Du (a2)

This paper is concerned with numerical approximations of a nonlocal heat equation define on an infinite domain. Two classes of artificial boundary conditions (ABCs) are designed, namely, nonlocal analog Dirichlet-to-Neumann-type ABCs (global in time) and high-order Padé approximate ABCs (local in time). These ABCs reformulate the original problem into an initial-boundary-value (IBV) problem on a bounded domain. For the global ABCs, we adopt a fast evolution to enhance computational efficiency and reduce memory storage. High order fully discrete schemes, both second-order in time and space, are given to discretize two reduced problems. Extensive numerical experiments are carried out to show the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed methods.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Email (W. Zhang), (J. Yang), (J. Zhang), (Q. Du)
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