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Eigenvalue Solver for Fluid and Kinetic Plasma Models in Arbitrary Magnetic Topology

  • D. A. Baver (a1), J. R. Myra (a1) and M. V. Umansky (a2)

ArbiTER (Arbitrary Topology Equation Reader) is a new code for solving linear eigenvalue problems arising from a broad range of physics and geometry models. The primary application area envisioned is boundary plasma physics in magnetic confinement devices; however ArbiTER should be applicable to other science and engineering fields as well. The code permits a variable numbers of dimensions, making possible application to both fluid and kinetic models. The use of specialized equation and topology parsers permits a high degree of flexibility in specifying the physics and geometry.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (D. A. Baver), (J. R. Myra), (M. V. Umansky)
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