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Equilibrium Configurations of Classical Polytropic Stars with a Multi-Parametric Differential Rotation Law: A Numerical Analysis

  • Federico Cipolletta (a1) (a2), Christian Cherubini (a3) (a4), Simonetta Filippi (a3) (a4), Jorge A. Rueda (a1) (a2) (a5) and Remo Ruffini (a1) (a2) (a5)...

In this paper we analyze in detail the equilibrium configurations of classical polytropic stars with a multi-parametric differential rotation law of the literature using the standard numerical method introduced by Eriguchi and Mueller. Specifically we numerically investigate the parameters’ space associated with the velocity field characterizing both equilibrium and non-equilibrium configurations for which the stability condition is violated or the mass-shedding criterion is verified.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Email addresses: (F. Cipolletta), (C. Cherubini), (F. Filippi), (J. A. Rueda), (R. Ruffini)
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