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A High Order Well-Balanced Finite Volume WENO Scheme for a Blood Flow Model in Arteries

  • Zhonghua Yao (a1), Gang Li (a1) and Jinmei Gao (a1)

The numerical simulations for the blood flow in arteries by high order accurate schemes have a wide range of applications in medical engineering. The blood flow model admits the steady state solutions, in which the flux gradient is non-zero and is exactly balanced by the source term. In this paper, we present a high order finite volume weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) scheme, which preserves the steady state solutions and maintains genuine high order accuracy for general solutions. The well-balanced property is obtained by a novel source term reformulation and discretisation, combined with well-balanced numerical fluxes. Extensive numerical experiments are carried out to verify well-balanced property, high order accuracy, as well as good resolution for smooth and discontinuous solutions.

Corresponding author
*Corresponding author. Email (Z. Yao), (G. Li), (J. Gao)
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