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Richard Zouche (1590–1661)

  • Richard Helmholz (a1)


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1 Wood, A, Athenae Oxonienses (London, 1813–20), vol 3, p 511.

2 Levack, B, ‘Law’, in Tyacke, N (ed), The History of the University of Oxford, vol 4 (Oxford, 1997), p 563.

3 See Holland, T, ‘Introduction’, in Zouche, R, Iuris et iudicii fecialis, sive, iuris inter gentes et quaestionum de eodem explicatio (Washington, DC, 1911), iix.

4 Eg Lipenius, M (1630–1692), Bibliotheca realis iuridica (Leipzig, 1757), vol 1, pp 723754.

5 ‘Iuventuti Magnae Britanniae iuris studiosae’, See R Zouche, Elementa jurisprudentiae (first edition, 1629), preface.

6 Eg Zouche, R, Cases and Questions Resolved in the Civil Law (Oxford, 1652; in English).

7 Latin editions were published in Leiden in 1651, The Hague in 1659 and Mainz in 1661. The German edition, translated by Alfred Vogel, was published as Algemeines Völkerrecht, wie auch algemeines Urtheil und Ansprüche aller Völker (Frankfurt, 1666).

8 Zouche, R, Solutio quaestionis veteris et novae, sive de legati delinquentis judice competente dissertatio (first edition, 1657).

9 Lipenius, Bibliotheca, 646–663, lists works from Florence, Genoa, Luca, Mantua, Milan, Pavia, Naples, Parma, Bologna, Rome, Ferrara, Perugia, Sicily, Venice and Verona. In some cases, these included only statutes and decisiones drawn from the local courts.

10 Zouche, R, Descriptio iuris et iudicii ecclesiastici secundum canones et constitutiones Anglicanas (Oxford, 1636), pt IV, § 8.

11 Ibid, pt I, § 8: ‘Et semper prospicere ut ecclesia sit libera et omnia iura et privilegia integra et inviolate retineat’.

12 Ibid, pt II, § 4.

13 Cosin, R, Apologie for sundrie proceedings by iurisdiciton ecclesiasticall (London, 1591); Ridley, T, View of the civile and ecclesiastical law (London, 1607).

14 See Levack, B, The Civil Lawyers in England 1603–1641 (Oxford, 1973), pp 128, 138, 149.

15 Of this nature was Zouche, R, The Jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England Asserted against Edward Coke's Articuli Admiralitatis (London, 1663). Note, however, that it was published after his death.

16 Eg Coquillette, D, The Civilian Writers of Doctors' Commons, London (Berlin, 1988). John Cowell (1554–1611) is probably the best example of a civilian whose fame rests on contemporary controversy: see eg Kenyon, J, The Stuart Constitution (Cambridge, 1969), p 8.

Richard Zouche (1590–1661)

  • Richard Helmholz (a1)


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