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ReMo-SNPs: a new software tool for identification of polymorphisms in regions and motifs genome-wide


Studies of complex genetic diseases have revealed many risk factors of small effect, but the combined amount of heritability explained is still low. Genome-wide association studies are often underpowered to identify true effects because of the very large number of parallel tests. There is, therefore, a great need to generate data sets that are enriched for those markers that have an increased a priori chance of being functional, such as markers in genomic regions involved in gene regulation. ReMo-SNPs is a computational program developed to aid researchers in the process of selecting functional SNPs for association analyses in user-specified regions and/or motifs genome-wide. The useful feature of automatic selection of genotyped markers in the user-provided material makes the output data ready to be used in a following association study. In this article we describe the program and its functions. We also validate the program by including an example study on three different transcription factors and results from an association study on two psychiatric phenotypes. The flexibility of the ReMo-SNPs program enables the user to study any region or sequence of interest, without limitation to transcription factor binding regions and motifs. The program is freely available at:

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      ReMo-SNPs: a new software tool for identification of polymorphisms in regions and motifs genome-wide
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      ReMo-SNPs: a new software tool for identification of polymorphisms in regions and motifs genome-wide
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      ReMo-SNPs: a new software tool for identification of polymorphisms in regions and motifs genome-wide
      Available formats
This is an Open Access article, distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution licence (, which permits unrestricted re-use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
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