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Devonian Antiarch Biostratigraphy of China

  • P'an Kiang (a1)

Devonian Antiarchi in China are chiefly distributed in the S and W of the country. They are represented by 17 genera and more than 26 species, of which three genera are cosmopolitan, namely Asterolepis, Bothriolepis and Remigolepis. The early Devonian Antiarchi fauna, Yunnanolepis, Phymolepis, Zhanjilepis, is an East Asiatic fauna. The middle and late Devonian faunas are essentially endemic and associated with few cosmopolitan elements, their geological ages, however, are different from those of the cosmopolitan antiarch taxa elsewhere. As considered in the present study, six main antiarch assemblages occur: (1) Yunnanolepis-Qujinolepis assemblage (Lower Devonian), (2) Xichonolepis-Wudinolepis assemblage (Eifelian), (3) Hunanolepis tieni-Bothriolepis sinensis assemblage (Givetian), (4) Bothriolepis kwangtungensis-Bothriolepis lochangensis assemblage (Givetian), (5) Remigolepis spp. assemblages (Frasnian-Famennian), (6) Sinolepis-Asterolepis sinensis assemblage (Famennian).

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