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Isotopic age determinations on clay minerals from lavas and tuffs of the Derbyshire orefield

  • P. R. Ineson (a1) and J. G. Mitchell (a2)


Episodic hydrothermal mineralization has previously been recognized in the northern section of the Pennine orefield. Igneous rocks from the southern section (the Derbyshire orefield) have yielded isotopic ages, some of which are thought to represent ages of hydrothermal metasomatism (deuteric or subsequent). In order to ascertain whether epicyclic hydrothermal events gave rise to the Derbyshire mineral deposits, samples of highly altered doleritic lava and pumice tuff were collected adjacent to areas of mineralization. Clay-mineral concentrates from 34 samples were dated by the potassium–argon method. The conclusions drawn from these analyses support a hypothesis of repeated hydrothermal alteration of the clay minerals, reflecting at least two episodes of mineralization, one about 270 m.y., the other about 235 m.y. The geo-chronological significance of these and other results is considered.



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