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The Middle and Upper Quaternary deposits at Morston, north Norfolk, U.K.

  • S. J. Gale (a1), P. G. Hoare (a2), C. O. Hunt (a2) and K. Pye (a3)

Investigation of a section near Morston on the central north Norfolk coast has revealed evidence of a complex sequence of beach deposits laid down under interglacial conditions in association with relative sea levels similar to those of the present. This material rests upon a highly calcareous till and is itself overlain by a deposit comparable with the Hunstanton Till of northwest Norfolk. This site therefore represents the first location at which Hunstanton Till has been found overlying older till, and the only location so far discovered in East Anglia at which interglacial deposits separate glacigenic sediments. The site also contains the only indubitable Quaternary warm stage deposits to have been recognized in central north Norfolk.

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