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Post-Palaeozoic cooling and uplift of the Brabant Massif as revealed by apatite fission track analysis

  • C. Vercoutere (a1) and P. Van Den Haute (a1)

A fission track study has been carried out on apatite from the igneous rock belt running along the southern border of the Brabant Massif. The study includes age determinations and a length analysis of both surface tracks and confined tracks. Apatite fission track ages vary between 146 Ma and 209 Ma. Confined track length distributions and the projected length age spectra indicate that the rocks cooled relatively rapidly from above 100 °C to ambient temperatures. The fission track ages therefore date a cooling phase of the Brabant Massif which is interpreted as reflecting an important uplift during the major part of the Jurassic, related to the Cimmerian tectonism which affected the North Sea basin and adjacent areas. Two apatite samples from the southerly Dinant Basin yield fission track ages around 200 Ma, similar to the oldest ages observed in the Brabant Massif, and with comparable track length characteristics. This indicates that the uplift was not limited to the Brabant region but also affected the Hercynian basement to the south.

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