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Outbreak of Carbapenem-Resistant Providencia stuartii in an Intensive Care Unit

  • Alexandre P. Zavascki (a1), Cecília G. Carvalhaes (a2), Geórgia L. da Silva (a3), Sílvia Pedroso Tavares Soares (a3), Luciana R. de Alcåntara (a3), Laura S. Elias (a3), Ana M. Sandri (a3) and Ana C. Gales (a2)...


Outbreaks by carbapenem-resistant Providencia stuartii (CRPS) are rarely described. Clinical characteristics of patients with CRPS in an intensive care unit and resistance mechanisms were investigated. Carbapenemase production and/or outer membrane alterations were not detected; only CTX-M-2 and AmpC hyperproduction were noted. The outbreak was ultimately controlled in a 3-month period.


Corresponding author

Alexandre P. Zavascki, MD, PhD, Infectious Diseases Service, Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, 2350 Ramiro Barcelos Street, Porto Alegre 90.035-903, Brazil (


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