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The ICLQ Early Career Prize is awarded annually to the best article by an Early Career Scholar, and is generously supported by Cambridge University Press who publish the ICLQ. The winner receives £250 worth of books published by Cambridge University Press.

An early career scholar is someone who (at the time of submission) is either a PhD candidate, or within 5 years of the award of their last academic degree/vocational legal qualification (up to 7 years in the event of a career break).

Jointly-authored articles may be considered for the Prize where all authors meet the above criteria.

Javier García Olmedo has been awarded the 2020 International and Comparative Law Quarterly Early Career Prize for his article 'Recalibrating the International Investment Regime Through Narrowed Jurisdiction' which appeared in Volume 69 Issue 2 of the Journal. 

Previous Winners

2019 - Benoit Mayer for the article 'Climate Assessment as an Emerging Obligation Under Customary International Law.'

2018 - Barrie Sander for the article 'History on Trial: Historical Narrative Pluralism Within and Beyond International Criminal Courts’.

2017 - Dr. Pok Yin Stephenson Chow for the article 'Reservations as Unilateral Acts? Examining the International Law Commission's Approach to Reservations’.

2016 - Daniel Costelloe for the article 'Treaty Succession in Annexed Territory'.

2015 - Dr Matthew Nicholson for the article 'The Political Unconscious the English Foreign Act of State and Non-Justiciability Doctrine(s)'.

2014 - Bharat Malkani for the article 'The Obligation to Refrain from Assisting the Use of the Death Penalty'.

2013 – Fernando Lusa Bordin for the article ‘Reflections of Customary International Law: The Authority of Codification Conventions and ILC Draft Articles in International Law

2012 – Uglješa Grušić for the article ‘Jurisdiction in Employment Matters under Brussels I: A Reassessment

2011 – Nicholas Diebold for the article ‘Standards of Non-Discrimination in International Economic Law

2010 – TT Arvind for the article ‘The 'Transplant Effect' in Harmonization

2009 – Joshua Karton for the article ‘Contract Law in International Commercial Arbitration: the Case of Suspension of Performance