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Supporting tough decisions in Norway: A healthcare system approach

  • Berit Mørland (a1), Ånen Ringard (a1) and John-Arne Røttingen (a1)


Objectives: We describe, in general, the principles used in priority setting and, in particular, policy processes and decision making in Norway.

Methods: A newly established council for setting priorities in health care is presented to illustrate how health technology assessments (HTAs) can support national advisors in complex priority-setting processes.

Results and Conclusions: Setting priorities in health care is a complex task. Careful thinking is, therefore, required in determining the components of a system for priority-setting. Based on recent Norwegian experiences, we believe that the following generic parts may provide some of the solution: a common set of values; an organizational structure made up of key stakeholders; supporting mechanisms in the form of HTA organizations and documented best evidence; and loyalty to decisions by stakeholders responsible for implementing national policies.



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