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Downy Brome (Bromus tectorum) Control with Imazapic on Montana Grasslands

  • Jane Mangold (a1), Hilary Parkinson (a1), Celestine Duncan (a2), Peter Rice (a3), Ed Davis (a1) and Fabian Menalled (a1)...

Downy brome is a problematic invasive annual grass throughout western rangeland and has been increasing its abundance, spread, and impacts across Montana during the past several years. In an effort to develop effective management recommendations for control of downy brome on Montana rangeland, we compiled data from 24 trials across the state that investigated efficacy of imazapic (Plateau®, BASF Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC) applied at various rates and timings and with methylated seed oil (MSO) or a nonionic surfactant (NIS). We ran a mixed-model ANOVA to test for main effects and interactions across application rate (70, 105, 141, 176, and 211 g ai ha−1), application timing (preemergent [PRE], early postemergent [EPOST, one- to two-leaf growth stage], and postemergent [POST, three- to four-leaf growth stage]), and adjuvant (MSO, NIS). Application timing and rate interacted to affect downy brome control (P = 0.0033). PRE imazapic application resulted in the lowest downy brome control (5 to 19%), followed by POST application (25 to 77%) and EPOST application (70 to 95%). Downy brome control remained fairly consistent across rates within application timing. Adjuvant (MSO or NIS) did not affect downy brome control (P = 0.2789). Our data indicate that POST application at 105 to 141 g ai ha−1 provides the most-consistent, short-term control of downy brome. Furthermore, applying imazapic to downy brome seedlings shortly after emergence (one- to two-leaf growth stage) provided better control than applying it to older downy brome seedlings (three- to four-leaf growth stage).

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