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Visual acuity of the Gidra in lowland Papua New Guinea

  • T. Kawabe (a1), R. Ohtsuka (a1), T. Inaoka (a1), T. Akimichi (a2) and T. Suzuki (a1)...


Visual acuity was tested and the anterior portion of the eye inspected among the Gidra in Lowland Papua New Guinea, who depend on hunting for their animal food. The visual acuity of the youths and adults was as high as that of hunters and gatherers; 88% of the males and 81% of the females had an acuity of 1·2 or better. The elders had far lower acuity, correlated with the advance of cataract (or corneal opacity). The senescent visual acuity is discussed in relation to little practice and low productivity of the elders' hunting, and to the Gidra traditional age-grade system.



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Visual acuity of the Gidra in lowland Papua New Guinea

  • T. Kawabe (a1), R. Ohtsuka (a1), T. Inaoka (a1), T. Akimichi (a2) and T. Suzuki (a1)...


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